4 Signs That It’s Time for a Washer Repair

What Are Signs That Your Washer Is Damaged?

Your washer must be a machine that goes through a lot of abuse during its lifespan. This is why it’s not surprising that it would have some issues at some point or another. If you’re noticing some signs that it’s time for a washer repair, you should pay attention to the following:

Clogged Thumbholes

This common issue can occur if there’s too much debris in the holes. The solution for it is to use the cycle with the lowest water level and add some vinegar to the filling cycle. You can also remove the debris manually after the wash.

Splashy Cycles

This happens if your washer doesn’t have enough water in the tub. You can check if this is the case by removing the drain cover and looking at the water level indicator. If the line isn’t full, there’s no way for the washer to properly remove the water during the spin cycle.

Smelly or Sticky Button

This is a sign that the drum isn’t turning properly. You can perform a video check to make sure the drum isn’t moving. If it isn’t, the problem could be with the tension spring or the drive belt. Have a local technician check the entire drum and make sure it’s properly installed so the machine doesn’t overheat and catch fire.

Water Leaks

If you don’t want to waste any more water, you should have your washer repaired as soon as possible. A water leak can mean the machine is damaged beyond repair and could short it out. Keep in mind that water damage can also lead to mold growth, which is why it’s important to have it fixed as soon as possible.

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