5 Common Problems of Gas Stoves

Appliance Repair Service: How to Troubleshoot a Gas Stove?

Breakdown of any home appliance is bad news. This especially applies to gas stoves. Not being able to cook dinner for your family or guests can lead to a huge embarrassment. This makes hiring the most dependable appliance repair service a must. Here are some of the most common problems that you might experience:

  • Delayed ignition. When you ignite your oven and it takes a while before it operates, the cause could be clogged ignition ports. The best you can do is hire a qualified and trained expert to examine your device and fix the issue in no time. This is a very serious problem that must be taken care of immediately as it may cause explosion and fire.

  • Surface burner won’t light. This is another common issue. The oven pilot light usually lights up when you turn the unit on. If this does not happen, the probable culprits could be dirty light electrode that needs to be cleaned, clogged holes on the burner, and others. Whatever the reason is, hiring a reputable repairman will save you the hassle and headache and will make your device work again as good as new.

  • Weak burner flame. If your gas stove works with weak flame even when you set it too high, the problem could be blocked burner flame openings. If you suspect the problem is air or not enough gas, turn to a licensed specialist.

  • Strong gas odor. This is a very hazardous problem. If you do not see a burner flame but sense a strong gas smell, this is a sure indication that something is wrong. Damaged gas valves open too soon, and they do not allow ignition to reach the right temperature. As a result, the unit will keep on releasing gas into the air. If not fixed immediately, this leak may cause a deadly gas explosion.

  • Surface burner noise. Well-functioning gas stove should make the faintest sound. If you hear loud noises, the common reason is too much air or too much gas in your unit. You better leave it to the professionals to determine how much gas exactly has been released.

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