7 Common Oven Faults Every Knowledgeable Appliance Repair Technician Can Troubleshoot

Is Your Oven in Need of a Prompt and Quality Appliance Repair Service?

Not properly operating or not operating at all oven is a big headache for every housekeeper. When this misfortune happens to your household, do not delay and call a highly-reliable appliance repair service for your peace of mind. Below, you will see he most common malfunctions that could occur:

  • No power at all. If the plug is in the socket, the fuse may have blown. A dependable technician will also check your main fuse board.

  • Has power but doesn’t heat up. Main culprit to blame could be the oven changeover switch. Its main purpose is to change the device’s functions. A faulty thermostat which regulates the oven temperature is another suspect. An experienced technician will check them all and will repair or replace them, if necessary.

  • The oven burns the food. Usually, this issue is caused by a thermostat failure, and it requires a replacement.

  • Nearby units burn too. This is normally a result of not properly closed door due to aged sealant. A good appliance repairman should be able to replace it in no time. Plus, you can check the oven’s manual for required distance between your appliance and the surrounded units.

  • The door does not close tightly. Faulty or loose door hinges could be the main reason for this kind of problem. Sometimes, hinge runners could be broken too.

  • The door or knobs are too hot. This is another common complaint from housekeepers. Usually, cookers have a cooling fan responsible to cool off the appliance’s door and knobs. However, some models do not have that element which makes them too hot to touch even when it has been turned off.

  • Too much noise. Noise comes from the oven’s fan and cooling fan motor. If the appliance is new, a low noise is normally to hear. If your cooker is old, those fan motors could fail working properly, and they must be replaced.

A faulty oven does not have to be a chore for you. Get in contact with Reasonable Appliance Repair for quick and first-class appliance repair service with lasting results. We are located in San Antonio, TX.

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