Appliance Service: How to Get the Most Out of Your Household Appliances

Keep Your Appliances Working!

Appliances are an expensive purchase and a vital addition to your house. Of course, you want to use an appliance service to keep them functioning effectively and efficiently for as long as is practical. To help keep your appliances in good working order for a longer period of time, try the following:


One of the most crucial tasks you should complete is cleaning the condenser coils on your refrigerator. These coils enable the removal of the fridge’s internal heat, which keeps your food chilled. However, if dust or other debris gets caught on the coils, it will make the refrigerator work harder to do its task and eventually cause the motor to overheat. Condenser coils can be easily cleaned by using a vacuum with a brush attachment to sweep all the dirt from the coils.

Oven Stove

An oven cleaner is actually not something you want to use on a self-cleaning oven because it’s too aggressive and will damage the surface of the oven’s inside. Use the self-cleaning function instead, which will set the oven to almost 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and burn everything away. Once it’s finished, you just need to sweep the crumbs away. Simply check to see if the stovetop is clean and that nothing is obstructing the gas burners. Make sure nothing that could burn and foul up the house is on the coils of your electric stovetop in case it malfunctions.

Clothes Washer

Avoid using excessive amounts of detergent when washing clothes, especially in high-efficiency washers that consume little water. A film left behind by too much detergent on the interior surface may serve as a breeding ground for mold. Additionally, remove the washer from the wall and check all of the hoses for damage that could later result in a leak. Ensure that your washer is securely anchored to the floor and is level.

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