Prepare Now Against Washer & Dryer Repair Service

Don’t Wait Till Winter!

As winter quickly approaches, homeowners typically become focused on reducing their electric bills and preparing their homes to stand up to any weather that winter may bring. One of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of needing a washer and dryer repair service is to follow some simple guidelines on preparation and maintenance. Below are some tips and tricks for keeping washer & dryer repair service to a minimum:

Be Selective About Laundry and Detergent

The very first step in avoiding washer and dryer repair services is to be more selective with laundry habits throughout the winter months. When running the washer, it is important to use the appropriate detergent and detergent amount for the particular load. Making sure not to overload the washer will keep it from becoming overworked and requiring repair services.

Prevent Electrical Surges With A Voltage Regulator

Locating and installing a voltage regulator is the next step in preventing washer and dryer repair service. Voltage regulators will absorb electrical surges, thus protecting your washer and dryer against any potential electric problems, and reducing the need for repair services.

Clean the Lint Trap

Cleaning the lint trap after each usage of the dryer is necessary to ensure the longevity of the product. If lint builds up too densely or is not washed away it can cause clogs, leading to the need for repair services.

Power Surge Protection

Finally, purchasing a power surge protector will also protect against any electric surges that may damage the washer and dryer. Make sure to plug the washer and dryer directly into the wall outlet, without any extra pieces of extension cords or plugs.

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