Reasons Why You Might Need Refrigerator Repair Service

Three Causes of Fridge Failure

Your refrigerator is your go-to resource for preventing food spoilage. However, when it ceases to function, it causes headaches. Call a refrigerator repair service as soon as you notice a problem. A broken refrigerator can have a few main problems, which are outlined below.

1. The evaporator coils have frozen.

Sign: The appliance’s sides, ceiling, or floor are covered in ice or frost.

An evaporator coil removes heat and uses fans to move cool air around. The fridge’s temperature rises when frost builds up on the evaporator coils, causing freezer burn. In order to get to these coils and clean them, you may need to take off the back panels.

2. The fan in the evaporator has frozen over.

Sign: a screeching sound that gets louder when the freezer door is opened.

The evaporator fan, which circulates air while the coils remove heat, is part of the evaporator system. To access the fan, unplug the fridge by removing the freezer cover. Pull it out to thaw if you find it covered in frost.

3. The fan in the condenser is stuck.

Sign: The refrigerator fails to operate consistently or abruptly.

A condenser fan can be found in the back of refrigerators with condenser coils underneath. The refrigerator may not cool properly if this fan is stuck. Verify that the fan is not stuck. To determine whether the fan will spin manually, you will need to remove it from its recess. Plug the fridge back in to see if it starts operating after you have checked everything and everything appears to be fine. This is the problem with your fridge if it doesn’t run.

Other causes are harder to address than the ones listed above. The compressor or the motor might be the source of more difficult issues. If you need help fixing your refrigerator, call a professional refrigerator repair service at (210) 387-2582 from Reasonable Appliance Repair in the San Antonio, TX area.

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