Replace or Repair?

Major Appliance Repair Service Tips

Today’s appliances are made to perform, and perform they do, year after year, generally without causing too many problems. They are always taken for granted. Which means when one does end up breaking down, it will leave you at a complete loss. As most people have no idea on how they work, or how to repair them.

What can is one to do? You could call in a professional major appliance repair service technician to fix it, or you could try it yourself and save your money. However, before you start dismantling your refrigerator, we will give you some general background information on most major appliances.

Most appliances work on electricity, using an AC current from the wiring within your home. Small appliances use 110-120-volt circuits, and their plugs have two steel rods. Major appliances, like dryers, washing machines, air conditioners etc., will need 220-240-volt wiring and will not work on 110-120-volt circuits. Large appliances that have a ground wire must always be plugged into a grounded outlet, or grounded using a specific adapter plug. All appliances however, will generally be labelled, this can be found on the metal plate, or on the casing of the appliance. This will tell you what their requirements are in watts, volts, and amps.

Because most major appliances are extremely complex, it is sometimes not obvious what the problem is. Most of today’s appliances have electronic diagnostics, which are shown on the owner’s manual. The first step is deciding if the problem is with a control or mechanical device. With a dryer, for instance, control devices set the temperature, and the mechanical components rotate the drum. So which one is affected? Should the drum rotate, but the dryer is still cold, then the obvious problem is with the control system. However, should the dryer heat, and the drum doesn’t rotate, the problem will be mechanical. This type of analysis can be used to locate the problem in every major appliance.

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