Tips From a Refrigerator Repair Service on Keeping Your Refrigerator Running Smoothly

Tips to Keep Your Refrigerator Running Smoothly

The turkey is barely warm as you open the fridge to begin preparing for your Thanksgiving meal. Everything inside the fridge has been ruined because the fridge has failed. No homeowner wants to go through this nightmare, therefore a refrigerator repair service is here to help with maintenance advice to keep your refrigerator functioning more effectively, helping you save money and avert a failure.

Wipe Down the Door Gaskets

The gasket won’t get damaged if you use warm water and a tiny bit of mild dish soap. Your refrigerator may have a leaky gasket if you’ve noticed moisture on the outside of the appliance. While you clean, look for any cracks or worn areas.

Vacuum Your Condenser Coils

The coils will either be in the back of the refrigerator or underneath it, depending on the model. To be safe, unplug the refrigerator while you vacuum. If your coils are under the refrigerator, you may notice buildup there if you have pets. The condenser coils won’t be able to cool down effectively if there is too much hair and dirt buildup, which will make your unit work harder than it has to.

Check Your Temperature Gauges and Set Them in the Middle

This is a simple one. Make that the temperature gauges in your freezer and refrigerator are calibrated properly. Sometimes nothing more than accidently turning a dial causes a heated refrigerator. To maintain goods at the right temperature and stop your fridge from working too hard, gauges should be close to the center.

Check Freezer Vents to Make Sure They’re Unobstructed

To ensure proper air circulation, it is preferable to only fill freezers about three-quarters of the way. So, if you’ve been stuffing your freezer, you might want to make some space. Remove food ties or crumbs out of any vents if you see them before they are drawn into the evaporator fan.

Separate Your Appliances

It’s best to position the refrigerator as far away from the oven and dishwasher as you can if your kitchen has extra space. The additional heat from your other appliances will make the refrigerator work harder to maintain its cold temperature.

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