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Laundry Myths Busted

Our washer & dryer repair service company will attempt to expose the myths that are stopping you from getting the most from your washer and dryer.

Laundry technology has advanced significantly since our parents or even grandparents graduated from the old wringer washers and clotheslines. Yet most people are still doing their laundry the way their parents or grandparents used to. This means they are missing out on the benefits of the latest appliances and products. Understanding why the following myths are false is an excellent beginning to getting the most out of your washer and dryer.

More Detergent Offers Cleaner Clothes

Your grandma is not to blame for this particular myth. Many people are told to use more detergent on dirtier clothes and mistakenly assume if a little detergent is used, their clothes will not be clean. The reality is, laundry detergent has a limited amount of cleaning power. And all the extra detergent you add isn’t actually doing any cleaning. Instead, it is putting a residue on your clothes and washing machine.

You Need Bubbles to Clean Clothes

This is another common misconception, for many years, detergent manufacturers added sudsing agents to their products, so people felt satisfied that their clothes were being cleaned properly. However, today’s high-efficiency machines do not use that much water, so they do not make as many bubbles; however, they are still getting clothes clean.

You Have to Use Hot Water to Clean Clothes

The only time you need to use hot water is if you are trying to kill bacteria. Otherwise, use cold water, as this helps to preserve colors and avoid shrinkage.

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