When Is Washer Repair Not Feasible

Should You Repair or Replace Your Washing Machine?

Deciding whether to perform washer repair or replacement can be a tough call. However, it is an important one, as a washer is an expensive appliance that serves a crucial function, and it can be extremely frustrating when it fails. Sometimes, washing machine repair will be the cheapest option, while other times, total replacement is more cost-effective in the long run.

The Age of The Machine

Every appliance comes with a certain life expectancy. The chances of an appliance breaking down do increase as it starts to age; all other factors are equal. A washing machine can remain in good working order for around 11 years. After that, it is advisable to replace it, as its performance will have degraded significantly. If your appliance has been used for years, you could be unsure whether to repair or replace it. So consider the points listed below.


A relatively new washer will generally not break down regularly, so it is more affordable to repair. Getting replacement parts for machines is easier than finding them for older models. Washing machine repair is advisable when the repair costs are less than 50% of a new machine’s price.


Maintaining a machine that continually breaks down can be expensive, more so when the appliance has been in use for many years. Besides, it will likely be out of warranty, forcing you to foot the bill for repairs. Ordering a new machine is the wiser choice if repairing your current one is too expensive, especially when the chances of it breaking down again are great.

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